☑ NEO Acalantha Gacha / GABRIEL ➤ GB@Neojapan


1.::GB:: Acalantha jacket RARE GB@Neojapan
2.::GB::Leather strap vest / Black GB@Neojapan
6.::GB::Leather strap pants / Black GB@Neojapan
11.::GB::Buckle sneakers / Black GB@Neojapan
13. Light sword GB@Neojapan

*CN* Tattoo 2022 @Neojapan
*CN* pose 1754 6b @CHAT NOIR pose design

[BAD HAIR DAY] – Rouhi Mirrored
::GB:: Arhat Mask
::GB::chain with charm and cord
[CX] Creature Taper
[CX] Salient Talons – Onyx
MINIMAL – Chevaliere Rings

Contributor: Ryuji Yuhara
➤ @facebook


::GB::Loose Pin jacket/Roll-up denim/Wallet Chain ➤@Signature


::GB::Loose Pin jacket @Signature
::GB::Roll-up denim & Wallet Chain @Signature

RO – HIFI Classics – White
MIRROR – Oakley Glasses Gold 0T NEW@TMD
::GB:: Square Necklace Black
*CN* Tattoo 2020
*CN* pose 1767 6a
[Z O O M] Classic Johnson Watch
MINIMAL – Chevaliere Rings
[Bad Unicorn] ‘White’ Bowie Backdrop NEW@TMD


Ryuji Yuhara➤ @facebook